Digitally Integrated Multi-Tier, Innovation-Driven Accelerators

The Accelerators:

Multi-Tier Accelerators with innovative solutions, acknowledging 21st century problems across the board

BEYOND4 Accelerators is created to spur digital innovation and designed to provide intensive support for future digital talent, innovators and start-up entrepreneurs with the aim to nurture, prepare & propel them faster than traditional methods.

The high value initiatives by the accelerators are targeted to identify & nurture talents from grassroot levels, helping them to scale and grow exponentially.

Innovative Solutions

Supported by Multi-Tier Accelerators For Future Talent, Innovators & Entrepreneurs

In an increasingly open economy, keeping up with a competitive economy requires new approaches to developing and enabling an environment conducive for digital innovation and entrepreneurship across sectors.

It is widely accepted that digital innovation contributes to inclusive growth and leveraging on a framework that helps to create a significant new economic value, meaningful and rewarding employment, and new products, services and markets that contribute towards sustainability and societal value.

To achieve this, we will need to build innovation capabilities within the nation by identifying and creating high end talent to solve 21st century problems via research & innovation initiatives that provides support and rapid scalability.

By implementing multi-tier accelerators to solve different problems, people and organizations will build different capabilities that can easily inject in other functions.

Streamlined Industry Verticals

BEYOND4 is expanding our vertical foci faster than ever with emerging technologies implemented across all businesses post pandemic.

MergedTech 4.0

Industry 4.0 - Manufacturing

FinTech 4.0

Customer Experience 4.0 (CX 4.0)

EdTech 4.0

FoodTech 4.0

AgTech 4.0


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