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Career Accelerator

Growth in the digital sphere is accelerating and with it comes soaring demand for niche skills and talent. Specialist job boards, recruiters and career sites abound, and the variety of platforms and roles increase by the day.

Recruitment and hiring in this field are therefore highly competitive. To identify, target and attract the most qualified talent, companies not only have to refine their talent acquisition strategies to ensure the right fit for each role, but also beat out the competition in securing their first choices.

Digital technology has revolutionised the way we work and the ability to understand and shape technology is an increasingly sought after skill.

BEYOND4 Career Accelerator offers a multi-faceted professional development platform with 2 core deliverables:

  • BEYOND4 JOBS, a job matching & hiring platform (Empowered by (Global Strategic Partners), Accelerator partner
  • A career monitoring & advancement platform (Empowered by Talencia), Accelerator Partner

Hiring Platform

In order to recruit and hire the best talent, companies must align their planning and talent acquisition strategy across departments in order to identify, target, and attract the most qualified candidates for a given role.

Our hiring platform gives you more ways to attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent. We strongly believe that talent transforms organizations and that their combined achievements can make the difference in any industry.

Career Advancement Platform

The platform has a systematic approach to career development, enabling employees to map multiple career path scenarios, review job competencies and evaluate skill gaps. By giving employees the career pathing tools to chart their career progression, they become more engaged in their roles and the development of their careers.

The platform is designed to prepare you for professional success within a dynamically changing environment. Through the Career Accelerator, you will develop your professional skills and gain a strong understanding of how your knowledge, interests, motivations and personal experiences give you an immediate advantage when it comes to launching your career.

Our aim is to enable you to build career for yourselves and enjoy a deeper sense of purpose, a higher level of job satisfaction and, ultimately, more success.

Career Accelerator – Jobs Matching & Hiring Platform Partner

Global Strategic Partners, GSP is a technology-driven talent solutions company specializing in discovering, acquiring and managing top talent for our clients. They collaborate with accredited organisations to secure a highly capable talent pool and accelerate their career progressions at top companies. GSP ensures a steady supply of talent with best-in-market qualifications for the post-digital era through holistic career development platforms and programmes.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to recruiting, attracting, and cultivating the best talent. Organizations that can solve this issue by creating a holistic approach to talent acquisition and developing individuals to their full potential.

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