PENANG – The Social Security Organisation (PERKESO), BEYOND4 and Walta Center of Excellence (WCOE) launched the opening of the MYFUTUREJOBS Virtual Satellite Centre at one of the many BEYOND4 Hubs located across Malaysia. BEYOND4@WCOE is located at the heart of Batu Kawan and taps into over 30 industrial companies, home to more than 28,000 workforces.

This public-private partnership involving agencies, industries and partners will see the opening of the first MYFutureJobs Virtual Satellite Centre in the Northern Region, bridging industries and nation building initiatives to boost suitable employment opportunities across Malaysia. BEYOND4@WCOE is the bridge linking government initiatives and industry needs by fulfilling its own objective via its multi-tier accelerator ecosystem in accelerating talent to achieve their infinite potential to drive digital business in the post digital era.

BEYOND4@WCOE is located right smack in the middle of the dense manufacturing region of the Batu Kawan Industrial Park (BKIP) with booming investments for the 350 MNC’s and over 4000 SME’s in Penang offering talent acceleration to support the rate of digital transformation and innovation.

Featured as Silicon Valley of the East and set to become the most innovative and productive centres for manufacturing, BKIP owes it to its strong vibrant Electric & Electronic ecosystem which has evolved from being labour-intensive and low value-added to capital investments, knowledge-base and high technology.

The convergence of the hubs allows PERKESO, BEYOND4 and WCOE to achieve the parallel goal of boosting Jobs of the Future by upskilling talent in the open market to become Workforce of the Future, the right talent for the right job. For the first time, industries, government agencies and providers are joining forces to build a successful framework to accelerate IR4.0 Talent to meet the demands of digital transformation amongst businesses.

The MYFutureJobs Virtual Satellite Centre is an employment services help centre for the urban and rural communities to find suitable employment with BEYOND4 bridging the gaps of premium suitable talent from grassroot levels to meet business and industry requirement and needs.

Declared as the single window for National Employment Services by the National Employment Council, MYFutureJobs’s job portal is the one-stop centre for Malaysians to refer to, for various employment initiatives launched by the government.

Combining physical and virtual programmes, the MYFutureJobs Virtual Centre on BEYOND4JOBS will be developed as a mutual hub for PERKESO to extend its interpersonal supports.

Such services will include job placement support, career counselling and referral to relevant upskilling and reskilling programmes to all categories of job seekers including the fresh graduates.

The BEYOND4JOBS initiative was designed with the core goal of driving the digital economy through talent acceleration at all levels. This initiative is driven via key International and local Industry Partners and Technology Enablers bringing together a diverse Talent Cloud of premium readily deployable talent across verticals to meet the demands for Workforce of the Future to drive Industry 4.0 and Digital Acceleration in Malaysia & the region.

The unique multi-tier model driving the BEYOND4 Ecosystem, specialising in Talent Acceleration is a perfect platform to identify the different Talent DNA while accelerating them towards achieving their true potential. BEYOND4JOBS hosts the Talent Cloud with both clients and talent being managed on the platform for job matching, placement, and deployment.