Discover a vibrant community where ideas thrive and connections are made.

Hub Overview

BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG brings together passionate individuals, mentors, and experts.

BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG located in Kompleks Yayasan Pahang, Kuantan, Pahang is creating a dynamic ecosystem that drives the future of innovation in Pahang and beyond.

Strategic Location

Located in Kompleks Yayasan Pahang, BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG enjoys superior connectivity and access to a plethora of facilities.

Modern Facility

BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG, being purpose built for the usages of Beyond4 activities, has modern teaching and learning facilities.

Designed for Innovation

BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG is a space where people can gather and design thinking for innovation can directly happen, meaning it is designed to host brainstorming sessions, design sprints, or innovation workshops.

Access to Partnerships

Collaboration and innovative partnerships form naturally in this space. With innovators form various accelerators congregating in the same space, you are bound to rub shoulders with a partner who might add value to your ideas.

Strategically incorporated, BEYOND4@RUMAH PAHANG

Offers a space for Future Ready Talent & Startup Advancement.

Points of Interest

Be sure to visit these Points of Interest when you are at our hub next.

Being cleverly located at a location with great connectivity means our hub gives you access to some of these great locations.

Kuantan City

Kuantan, city situated on the eastern coast of the Malay Peninsula, Peninsular (West) Malaysia. It lies at the mouth of the Kuantan River, on the South China Sea. Situated on a wide alluvial plain north of the fertile Pahang River delta, Kuantan is Malaysia’s most important east-coast port, shipping tin, rubber, and copra south to Singapore for export. Tin is extracted from the deep lode mine at Sungai Lembing to the northwest. As the only east-coast settlement that has a direct road link to Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan serves as a transfer point for westbound travelers.

Tanjung Lumpur

Tanjung Lumpur is a traditional fishing village located near the mouth of the Kuantan river in Kuantan District, Pahang, Malaysia. It is loosely translated into English as the " Cape of Mud". This village was in fact one of the earliest villages opened by the Malays in Kuantan many decades ago. It is located in the district of Kuantan about 2 kilometers away from Kuantan city. Tanjung Lumpur and Kuantan is divided by Kuantan river at the middle and connected by a bridge (Jalan Abu Bakar) Federal Route 183 . Tanjung Lumpur is well known for its ikan bakar (grilled fish). Tanjung Lumpur now rapidly develop with the new infrastructure such as Swiss-Belhotel Kuantan, KPJ Kuantan and Serambi Teruntum.

Teluk Cempedak Beach

It's a beach life at Teluk Cempedak Beach, located only five kilometres from Kuantan town. Go for swim, take to the sails, surf the waves or just while away the hours on the promenade with a purpose built local food court, an international fast food outlet and 5 star resort hotel in the vicinity. Teluk Chempedak is a complete beach getaway that can get rather busy on weekends as it is the most popular amongst local. If you like company, then this place is for you.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) was established by the Government of Malaysia on 16 th of February 2002. UMP was set up as a competency-based technical university that specialises in the fields of engineering and technology.UMP is located in the east coast state of Pahang, the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia with vast areas of rainforest endowed with a wide range of biodiversity and natural resources. The campus is also strategically located in the East Coast Industrial Belt of Peninsular Malaysia which hosts a large number of multinational corporations (MNCs) in the chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, automotive and biotechnology industries. UMP offers a wide rage of skills-based higher education programs in engineering and technology to produce competent engineers.

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