BEYOND4 is an end-to-end startup ecosystem builder, seeking to assist startups with the strategic support and guidance towards a successful and smooth market entry into the Malaysian ecosystem, and the wider ASEAN region.

BEYOND4 & Startups

BEYOND4 is a startup ecosystem with founders at its core, assisting founders through a variety of curated and specially designed programmes to achieve startup success and scale confidently towards their stated vision and missions.

BEYOND4 collaborates with key players in the startup space such as Startup India and T-Hub with a stated mission to assist founders with scaling their ventures towards the ASEAN Market, with Malaysia as their point of entry.

BEYOND4 offers key supportive shared services, seeking to assist Indian startups with their market entry through leveraging on learnt experience of the most efficient way to receive traction and scale in Malaysia, with bespoke guidance given to each onboarded startup with us, ensuring they have the best chance to making their mark in the space.

Our Accelerators

BEYOND4 Ecosystem in India

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem in India is made up of 3 digitally integrated multi-tier accelerators, designed to support Talent, Innovators & Startups



BEYOND4 India is a technology driven skills accelerator, designed to unlock an individual’s infinite skills and potentials in aligning their skills sets to boost career progressions of both students and working professionals through our focus on emerging technologies.



BEYOND4 India Innovation Accelerator a technology driven innovative digital platform aimed at solving 21st century problems by bringing together knowledge & expertise from across the world on a single platform.



BEYOND4 India Start-Up Accelerator is focused towards identifying super-talented teams connected to their transformative purpose, deeper than mission.

Case Study

BEYOND4 Supports Circular Economy Social Enterprise to raise RM2million, scale operations across Malaysia.


The Social Enterprise’s circular economy approach diverts valuable residues from landfills, benefiting both the environment and paper product manufacturers.

By reintroducing residual paper liner into the value chain, The Company reduces CO2 emissions by 79%, equivalent to saving 54,600 trees annually.

BEYOND4 is supporting them to :

  • Become the market leader in the ASEAN region for the recycling of paper liners.
  • Developing a strong brand identity and recognition as a key player in developing a circular economy in Malaysia and beyond.

Creating a Collaborative Partnership and Commercial Ecosystem for A Singaporean EdTech Innovator.

The Company is a Singapore based startup seeking to empower the modern learner, educator, and administrator with a collaborative experience to actively learn within familiar workspaces, while seamlessly accessing their unique ecosystem of learning tools.

BEYOND4 is assisting the Company with :

  • The key goals of licensing or franchising their Learning & Corporate solutions to interested companies in Malaysia.
  • Securing targeted partnerships with Malaysian universities, schools, and training institutions.



Exclusive Launch & Networking Events to establish meaningful and impactful relationships across the Ecosystem.

Indian-ASEAN Startup Summit 2023

BEYOND4 was honoured to be the proud Co-Organiser of the India-ASEAN Startup Summit, a milestone event seeking to bridge the gap between the Malaysian and Indian startup ecosystems. More than 1000 participants, 600 emerging startups, 50 Investors (domestic and international), 100 startup hubs, incubators, accelerators, and government officials took part.