BEYOND4 strives to accelerate Talent and Startups via our sustainable Ecosystem that is immersed in with an array of resources to help us in delivering the best conducive environment for both Talent and Startups to grow dynamically. 

Yayasan Pahang is one of esteemed partners which have endeavoured on this journey with us in the beginning of 2022. Together, we launched the Pahang Innovation Startup Accelerator which was formally known as the BEYOND4 Pre-Accelerator. With an Innovation hub based in Pekan, Pahang, we have onboarded a total of 9 startups with innovative and scalable innovative ideas, some of which truly carried value. 

All 9 Startups have successfully been accelerated as an early stage startup and given the opportunity to tap into BEYOND4’s startup ecosystem. Being the second successful startup ecosystem built in the past 2 years, it has truly been an eye-opening experience working alongside founders from Pahang, the cultural impact in their ideas and the dynamic solutions they bring to the table with the little resources they had before onboarding with us. 

We are excited to begin 2023 with the upcoming cohort as we welcome fresh innovative ideas exclusively from Pahang-born founders and delivering value-added initiatives to boost the Startup landscape in Pahang with the support of esteemed partners and government agencies.