Unmatched stability, efficiency, and scalability for talents and startups through collaboration with esteemed industry mentors.

BEYOND4 is supported by a diverse network of country and global mentors to accelerate talent and startup growth.

Country & Global Mentor is an advisory service dedicated to providing strategic guidance and mentorship to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Focused on both local and international contexts, it offers tailored support in areas such as business development, market entry strategies, cultural adaptation, and leadership training. Leveraging a network of experienced professionals and industry experts, Country & Global Mentor helps clients navigate the complexities of operating in diverse and dynamic environments, fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

Country Mentors

A Country Mentor focuses on providing strategic guidance and mentorship specifically within a single nation. This service is designed to help individuals, businesses, and organizations navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the local market.

Global Mentors

A Global Mentor offers advisory services and mentorship on an international scale, catering to clients who operate across multiple countries or are looking to expand globally. This service addresses the complexities of cross-border operations and global market entry.