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Train The Trainer
in Adobe Photoshop
Train The Trainer in Adobe Photoshop

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16 - 18 MARCH 2020
Beyond4, Menara HLX, KL

Enhance your photo editing skills with this complete course on Adobe Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and graphic design software. This course teaches you how to create and enhance photographs, illustrations and 3D art, design websites and mobile apps, and much more.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to Photoshop. In addition to learning Adobe Photoshop, participants will learn setting project requirements, identifying design elements when preparing image, understanding Adobe Photoshop, manipulating images by using Adobe Photoshop and publishing digital images by using Adobe Photoshop.



    This training purpose is to upskill the participants and get a global certification by Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification.


    This training is suitable for creative talents and creative industry lecturers who seek to understand and master the industrial tools.


There is no mandatory pre-requisite for attend this training


    Certification Name:   Trainer the Trainer in Adobe Photoshop
    Exam Code:  -
    Duration: 3 Days
    Training Provider:   ACESTAR
    Certification Provider:   Adobe

Module 1: Concept & Design

  • Design Planning
    • Identifying design goals
    • Planning & managing a design – the Design Cycle
    • Applying Project Management principles
    • Appraising a client brief
  • Copyright issues
  • Principles of Design
    • Understanding Gestalt Theory
    • Using Visual Hierarchy &compositional elements
  • Key design terminology


Module 2: Introducing Adobe Photoshop

  • Navigating Photoshop: the Interface; the Application Frame; changing the look of the Interface; Panels & the Panel Dock;displaying documents; the Screen Modes; Workspaces
  • Photoshop’s Toolbox:
    • Toolbox overview & deconstruction
    • New tools & relocations
    • Using the Tools


Module 3: Document Management

  • Working with Documents
    • Opening Documents/Images
    • Creating new Documents/Images
    • Saving files

  • Document Management o Placing artwork/image assets
    • Using Creative Cloud Libraries
    • Image Sizing/Re-sizing
    • Using Rulers, Guides & Grids


Module 4: Colour Management

  • Setting up for a Colour-managed Workflow
    • Why colour management?
    • Using the Color Settings
    • Setting Printer-specific Profiles
  • Implementing Color Management Policies (CMP)
  • Understanding Monitor Calibration



Module 5: Layers

  • Introduction to Layers & Layer concepts
  • Managing layers with the Layers Panel
  • Working with Layers
    • The Background Layer
    • Setting Layer options
    • Managing
  • Layer Styles
    • Photoshop’s Styles
    • Knowing the Styles
    • Manipulating styles
  • Blending Modes
  • Working with Smart Objects


Module 6: Selections

  • Selections in Photoshop
    • Definition of a selection
    • Using the selection tools
  • Feathering & anti-aliasing
    • Using Feather & anti-alias
    • Using Refine Edge
    • Cropping


Module 7: Drawing & Painting

  • Colour in Photoshop
    • The Colour Modes
    • Foreground & Background colours – the Colour Chips
    • Selecting colours
  • Setting Fills & Gradients
  • Brushes
  • Using Photoshop’s Brush Engine
  • Brush & Brush Panel basics
  • Painting with the Brush
  • Managing the Brushes Panel
  • Setting Brush options
  • Erasing
  • Shapes
    • Photoshop’s Shape tool
    • Understanding Shape Layers, Paths & Filled Pixel layers
    • Drawing Shapes


Module 8: Masks & Masking

  • Introduction to masking & masking concepts
  • Knowing the mask types: Quick Mask; Clipping Mask; Alpha Mask
  • Using the Masks Panel


Module 9: Typography

  • Type in Photoshop
    • Anatomy of a Typeface
    • Font Families – Serif vs. Sans Serif
    • Rules for choosing type
  • Creating & working with type
  • Photoshop’s Type tools
  • Creating & editing type
  • Setting type options
  • Applying type effects
  • Rasterizing type


Module 10: Correction & Adjustments

  • Image Corrections
    • Using the correction tools
    • Making corrections – Spot Healing & Healing; Content Aware; Cloning; Patch & Red Eye
  • Image adjustments
    • The Adjustments panel
    • Making an Adjustment
    • Knowing the Adjustments


Module 11: Filters

  • Introduction to Filters & their usage
  • Working with Filters
    • Applying Filters
    • Using the Filter Gallery
  • Specialty Filters - Using Liquify


Module 12: Output

  • Printing in Photoshop
    • Printing changes in Creative Cloud
    • Producing a print
    • Printer marks from Photoshop
    • Creating a Bleed
  • Exporting Images
    • Using Save As
    • Using Save for Web
    • Casting to PDF


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