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Introduction to
Python Programming

Introduction to Python Programming

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17 - 19 FEB 2020
Beyond4, Menara HLX, KL

Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language with simple easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time.

Python is a cross-platform programming language, meaning, it runs on multiple platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux and has even been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. It is free and open source.

Python is used by Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, CERN and NASA, among many other organisations. It's often used as a “scripting language” for web applications. This means that it can automate specific series of tasks, making it more efficient.

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      These three days course you will learn about and explore the Python language at an intermediate level. You will learn to write Python programs dealing with sequences and mappings, program flow control, system calls and file manipulation.


    Manufacturing Personnel
    Analyst Personnel
    Planning Personnel


      Although this is an introductory-level Python programming class, you should already have a working, user-level knowledge of UNIX/Linux, Mac, or Windows.


      Certification Name:   Python Programming for Beginners
      Exam Code:  -
      Duration: 3 Days
      Training Provider:   Quandatics
      Certification Provider:   -

    Module 1: Python Overview and History

    • Why Python?
    • How to run Python applications
    • Python configuration details

    Module 2: Language Basics

    • Program structure
    • Strings
    • Basic operations
    • Slices
    • Formatting
    • Numbers
    • Types
    • Basic arithmetic operations
    • Formatting
    • Conversions

    Module 3: Complex Types and Operators

    • Tuples
    • Lists
    • Tuple and list manipulation
    • Basic operations
    • Dictionary
    • Files
    • Opening
    • Reading

    Module 4: Statements and Control Structures

    • Assignment
    • Expressions
    • if statements
    • while loops
    • for loops

    Module 5: Functions

    • Function basics
    • Scope rules
    • Arguments
    • Functions as arguments

    Module 6: Modules

    • Module basics
    • Namespaces
    • Importing and reloading modules

    Module 7: Classes

    • What is a class?
    • What is an object?
    • Class basics
    • Writing methods

    Module 8: Advanced Classes

    • Inheritance
    • Operator overloading

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