Preparing The BCP For Post Pandemic
Preparing The BCP For Post Pandemic

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A business continuity plan (BCP) outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disaster, major outbreak such as COVID19, weather, fire, flood,or cyberattack.We rarely get advance notice that a disaster is ready to strike. Even with some lead time, though, multiple things can go wrong; every incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways.

This is where a BCP comes into play. To give your organization the best shot at success during a disaster, you need to put a current, tested plan in the hands of all personnel responsible for carrying out any part of that plan. The lack of a plan doesn't just mean your organization will take longer than necessary to recover from an event or incident. You could go out of business for good. How does the BCP relate tothe advancement of the new technology brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 concepts and transformation can address some of the shortfalls and loop holesthat we are facing in the pastrelated to early detection or prediction and real-time control of the upcoming incident,which may unexpectedly strike our business.

The objective of this session is to provide anoverview of the following aspect of the 4 IR and Industry 4.0 towards;
  • Industry 4.0 transformation towards digitalization of BCP management process
  • The key lesson learned from current COVID19 Pandemic which requires special attention through new technology adoption
Preparing The BCP For Post Pandemic
    Date:  15th June 2020
    Time: 10AM - 11AM
    Trainer:   Ts. Azhar Bin Md Nayan


  • Introduction by the learning facilitator
  • Overview of the session (Objective and Outcome)
  • The key lesson learned from the past crisis and current Pandemic (1998, 2008, 2020)
  • What happened in between each major industrial revolutionphases?
  • Industry 4.0 –What has happened and what will happen next?
  • What does it mean?
  • What the standard flow?
  • What will CHANGE, and What needs to be CHANGED?
  • How does the latest technology support the new BCP?
  • Summaries
  • The end
Trainer's Profile - Ts. Azhar Bin Md Nayan

Mr. Azhar has about 3 decades of experience and accomplishments in a Senior Management capacity with Multinational Corporation (MNC) primarily accountable for Global Supply Chain Management, New Product/Process Development, Plant Management, Virtual Factory Management, Workforce/Industrial Transformation program and talent development program. Mr. Azhar has managed and leads cross-functional/cross geographical organization such as R&D, NPI, Engineering, Production and Global Supply Chain group across the globe on new product development and transfer in many countries within Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Mr. Azhar graduated from Bradley University, Peoria Illinois USA (1994) in Engineering and since then has served various sectors including heavy industries, Disk Drive Storage, Semiconductors & Electrical/Electronics products in Wireless Communication, Motion controller, Optoelectronics and Photomask engineering serving various customer such as consumers, industrial applications, aviation, automotive and telecommunications.

Mr. Azhar has also held different management roles in Multinational Corporations (MNCs) including Equipment Manager, Engineering Manager, New Product Introduction and Development Manager, Global Supply Chain Senior Manager. He was the former General Manager and Managing Director of Hoya Electronics Sdn Bhd a Japanese MNCs, before taking a time out from the industry to fully focus on providing consultancy services for the manufacturing industries.

He is the founder of Smart Digital Network Sdn Bhd and Industry Fivedot Zero Consulting Sdn Bhd. Mr Azhar has spent substantial amount of time in providing training on technical problem solving tools, change management and personal self-development such as Critical Thinking, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) pillars, Problem Solving Tools such as 8D+1D, PDCA, FMEA, DMAIC, Lean Manufacturing Concepts and waste management and the latest on the fourth industrial revolution’s training development, problem solving, strategic program planning and talent development. Aside from being a Professional Consultant, Mr. Azhar is also a Trained Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of the USA and Malaysia Coaching Chapter.

Mr. Azhar is now the official and only Master Consultant for the nationwide Readiness Assessment Assessor Training & Certification program for Industry 4.0 transformation organized by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry [MITI].


Any executives staff level interest to know about the various business units or graduating students keen to get exposed concepts of running a business


An open-minded and positive mindset


  • Webinar session (Zoom, Microsoft team, Google Chat)
  • Internet connection
  • Detail session will be emailed to participants with meeting ID and password


  • Awareness about the importance of adopting the Industry 4.0 concepts
  • Awareness about the importance of establishing the BCP process with a new approach through the latest technology


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