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Identifying & Enabling High Value Talent Via Rapid Upskilling Programmes

Skills Accelerator

High Value Human Capital Development

We believe that people are the core to any business.

Upskilling has become an important response to ongoing technological developments. Companies must continue to consider human capital investment as an asset and actively participate in assisting employees map their upskilling & reskilling journey.

BEYOND4 is a technology driven skills accelerator, designed to unlock an individual’s infinite skills and potentials in aligning their skills sets to boost career progressions of both students and working professionals through our focus on emerging technologies.

BEYOND4 identifies & creates high value talents via our Multi-Tier Accelerators, Sourcing targeted talents into respective accelerators throughout the Ecosystem.

Starting by sourcing for the right talent in higher learning institutions and channeling them through our high value training & certification programmes to transform students into Future Ready Talent. Here we imprint a culture of continuous learning. With each milestone achieved, we identify & nurture talent according to their core strengths while upskilling them to pursue higher milestones via upskilling & certifications.

Upskilling, a core component of Digital Transformation

At BEYOND4 we believe that everyone has a unique talent which can be identified and cultivated. Individuals are matched with their purpose and their unique capability.

That capability is then further strengthened with the help of the many talent development programs available together with our Accelerator Partner, Knowledgecom. This simple process ensures individuals thrive in their chosen niche.

BEYOND4 Skills Accelerator is designed for:

BEYOND4 Talent Development Funnel

Exclusively designed to identify & create High Value Talent in the fastest way possible,

Skills Accelerator & Partner

The BEYOND4 Skills Accelerators equips candidates with the necessary skills to better prepare them for them for the challenges that lie ahead & accelerate their career progression.

Knowledgecom is the mandated BEYOND4 Skills Accelerator Partner being an industry pioneer with the expertise & experience to provide highly customisable niche trainings & certifications. They have a repertoire of training over more than 20,000 Malaysians in the last decade with Future Ready Skills & Industry 4.0 trainings for talents to gain maximum knowledge & control over their skill set.

The BEYOND4 Skills Accelerator & Knowledgecom has embarked on digital initiatives to empower & enable the local talent pool.

Rapid Upskilling Programmes
for Individuals

Future Digital Programmes for Campus Graduates

Customized Skilling for Enterprise & Government