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Nurturing & Supporting Unicorns with Expertise & Capital Investment

Solving 21st century problems using lean but mean methods.

From flood mitigation to warehouse management, at BEYOND4 we are thrilled with the possibilities our Start-up’s will achieve.

BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator is focused towards identifying super-talented teams connected to their transformative purpose, deeper than mission.

Partners from a diverse background support us to present solutions which changes the way we live in today and design our tomorrow.

Technology of various kinds have an undisputed presence around us. We simply put them together in a way where they enhance our everyday lives.

The BEYOND4 Startup accelerator will successfully enable start-ups through Accelerator and Pre- Accelerator Programs.

Various pitch events, accelerator programs and incubators will ensure the best of ideas are identified, natured and launched at BEYOND4 Launchpad.

Startups which participates in the BEYOND4 accelerator programs are ensured to receive seed and growth fund from our global network of venture capital partners.

Startups are not only equipped with funds, but also global expertise in branding, marketing, innovation, growth, self development, human capital and many other crucial ingredients needed to build an unicorn.

Start-Up Accelerator – Premium Start-Ups & Investment Opportunities

The BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator aims at identifying, empowering & enabling Entrepreneurs & Start-Up to achieve accelerated growth through our Litmus Test, Pre-Accelerator & Accelerator Programmes

BEYOND4 TechLabs is the mandated Accelerator Partner in providing an entire spectrum of digital solutions for the BEYOND4 Innovation Accelerator with the intellectual capital & digital services needed to expand innovative ideas into scalable products under the Start-Up Accelerator.

BEYOND4 TechLabs has exclusively designed the DISCOVERi Portal & Open RI Platform for the BEYOND4 Ecosystem, operating as the BEYOND4 Talent Cloud.

BEYOND4 Start-Up Litmus Test

A highly flexible 3-phase screening & evaluation methodology with assigned scores & weightages based on objectives of respective cohorts & verticals in the Start-Up Accelerator Programme.

BEYOND4 Pre-Accelerator Programme

A super fast-tracked 80 hour programme designed to boost an individual’s preparedness of joining the BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator. Programme is mapped against the Litmus Test to improve probability of joining & succeeding in the BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator Programme

BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator Programme

BEYOND4 Start-Up Accelerator Programme A power-packed programme catered for different stages of Start-Ups to nurture & propel them with the required expertise, strategies & capital investments to become Unicorns.

Your Own Innovative Solutions

BEYOND4 Pre-Accelerator Programme


Designed for Innovative Business Ideas

A 3-month power packed pre-accelerator programme exclusively designed for businesses wanting to carry their innovative ideas to the next stage. The PISA programme is the perfect fit for founders wanting a guided journey that will allow them to prepare their product or service for fundraising to be able to accomplish your next stage of growth.

Programme Overview

M1  : Founder, Management Team & Communication

M2  : Business Model Canvas (BMC)

M3  : Prototype & Market Validation

M4  : Financial Modelling & Valuation

M5  : Introduction to Sales & Sales Process

M6  : Legal Basics for StartUps

M7  : Pitching Masterclass

  • Networking Sessions
  • Live Workshops
  • Masterclass with local & international mentors
  • 1-1 Mentoring Session
  • Hands-on activities
  • Access to templates & additional resources
  • Virtual Tour
  • AMA with product development expert (hardware & software)
  • Panel Discussions

Programme RoadMap


Participating StartUps must be able to:

  • Showcase their plans on being a registered entity within the next 3 months
  • Showcase their ideas, solutions, or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for evaluation
  • Designate at least one core member running the company/solution on fulltime basis
  • Commit to the programme activity for a duration of 3 months


Individuals must also:

  • Be born in Pahang or either parent was born in Pahang with IC number 06
  • Be Fresh Graduate, Unemployed or Retrenched Individuals
  • Attain basic entrepreneurship skill or knowledge

BEYOND4 TechLabs

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