Can AI help industries that are badly hit due to COVID-19?
Can AI help industries that are badly hit due to COVID-19?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to help us tackle the pressing issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. AI has the potential to exceed humans not only through speed but also by detecting patterns in that training data that humans have overlooked. Every industry is affected due to COVID-19, but the retail, tourism and hospitality industries are top of the list.

Can AI help industries that are badly hit due to COVID-19?
    Date:  24th April 2020
    Time: 10AM – 11AM
    Trainer:   MR. KANA SABARATNAM


Join this webinar to understand what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how AI can assist industries at this crucial time with the use of features like intelligent chat-bots and cognitive services

Trainer's Profile - MR. KANA SABARATNAM

Mr Kana is your go to expert if you are planning or is in the midst of transitioning your business from traditional methods and approaches to new business models which incorporates and leverages on the use of technology. He is truly passionate when it comes to building new businesses that challenges the old or traditional ways. He is a strong believer of improving lives with a better use of technology as well as developing a team of highly talented and skill individuals.

He has been actively involved in developing businesses over the past 17 years. Leveraging on his strength to enable the sales and marketing team to keep in line with the changing technology which revolves around Artificial Intelligence as he realised that sales and marketing was something that makes or breaks a business. Being the founder of Cloud Basha, an IT consultancy company, has been involved in technologies which are very niche with extensive knowledge and experience in AI and Machine Learning.

Holding a decent track record, with humble beginnings as an Electrical Engineer Management Trainee for Dunlop Malaysia to driving his was as Chief Technical Officer with Malaysiakini and finally co-founding his own company. He is known to have a systematic and relatable approach in his trainings and consultancy solutions


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